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Confirmation of Admission

Admission to a particular course is confirmed by NIOS by issuing an online Identity Card having learners admission particulars as per the record available in NIOS. In case any discrepancy is noticed at any stage of admission and even if the Identity Card has been issued, the admission will be cancelled and result will not be declared even if he/she has appeared in the examination.

Do check the particulars given in the Identity Card. In case, there is any discrepancy in learner’s personal details, address, photo etc., the same should be corrected through E-service immediately. The learner should retain his/her Identity Card carefully till he/she completes his/her study in NIOS.

The Correction in the Admission Record will be made as per rules only (which are available on NIOS website).

The learners appearing in NIOS external public examination will be required to produce the Identity Card issued by NIOS at the time of appearing in examinations failing which they will not be allowed to appear in the examination.